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Naturopathic Medical Doctors are trained as primary care practitioners, seeing and treating patients from birth to the elderly.

We do annual exams, treat acute illnesses like cough/cold/flu, treat chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue and arthritis.

We order laboratory testing and imaging and refer to specialists when necessary.

Our treatment preferences are natural and supportive though we can write prescriptions if necessary.

Naturopathic Medical Doctors (ND's or NMD's) partner with their patients and take the time to listen to their needs so that they feel a part of the health care solution.  ND's provide patients with the time, space and answers they need to feel cared for and supported.

Clinical, Therapeutic and Sports Nutrition 

Nutritional Services -
Personalized nutritional programs for everyone from those who need a therapeutic program for high cholesterol, diabetes or overweight as well as for anyone desiring to slow down the aging process and maintain or improve body composition or for the athlete desiring to take their performance to the next level.

Certified in many nutritional programs we can help!

What do we mean by "Clinical, Therapeutic and Sports Nutrition"?

Clinical Nutrition is the customization of a nutritional plan for the individual - no matter what the patient wants to achieve with his or her health - what, how, and when we eat is the foundation for health.

Using BIA (Bio-electric impedance analysis) technology, I can customize a program to fit everyone's individual needs to achieve their health goals.

Therapeutic Nutrition is the use of specific nutritional guidelines and nutriceutical formula's to bring 'dis-ease' back to health.

There are specific protocols, each customizable within researched guidelines, for lowering cholesterol, reversing Type II diabetes, reversing insulin resistance (the precursor to diabetes), managing arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders and other chronic illnesses.

Sports Nutrition is the use of customized individual protocols to improve sports performance at any age and any level of competition.  Long distance runners, triathletes, cross-country and skate skiers all need specific support and that is different from sprinters, downhill ski/snowboard racers, etc. Not just for the "competitive" athlete - Sports nutrition can benefit even the 'weekend warrior'.

By knowing your individual needs as they relate to maintaining your muscle mass and reserve, performance can be improved at all levels.

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